Buying The Right Equipment for Home Or Restaurant

Kitchen Equipment At Home

When it comes to kitchen equipment for your home or restaurant, Restaurant Supply is the #1 company for all your culinary endeavors, there are some essentials and somewhat obvious equipment you need. Things like a stand mixer, food processors, and the good ole handy crockpot. But there is also some not so obvious equipment that will do wonders for you. Waffle makers, Pressure cookers, ice cream makers and more. Some of these equipment are extremely diverse like the waffle maker.


The waffle maker, the only way to get that unique waffle look is with a waffle maker. But it also can be used for so many other things if you don’t mind whatever you make to have that waffle look. Quesadilla, hash browns, and you can get them as cheap as 10 dollars. My waffle maker has become one of my best friends. I can make a crunchy, cheesy quesadilla in 3 minutes instead of 10 minutes in the stove. Scramble eggs can be made thin and fill with meat and cheese and easily wrapped for a breakfast burritos. Also, hash browns become so much easier to make in a waffle maker than in a pan on stove. You could use it as an alternative press to for Panini, and sandwiches. It’s really a great tool in your home kitchen.

Another great tool to buy is an ice cream machine. It’s very difficult to make ice cream without having an ice cream machine. I have only found 2 methods of making it without an ice cream machine that stand up to real ice cream but it’s still not as good as the real thing.

If you have a stand mixer that has an ice cream maker attachment you can purchase one of those for about 80 dollars. If not the price ranges from 30 dollars and up. This is a good invest meant because homemade ice cream beats out store bought almost every time.


Pressure cookers are awesome tools for turning 6-hour meal cook time into less than hour cook time. Including the time needed to release the pressure. Beef roast, Beef stew, Pulled pork, and more all under an hour. How awesome is that. You can come home from work have a hearty meal and not heat up the house, or waste energy from running the crockpot all day. These are relatively inexpensive too, depending on size pressure cooker start at about 30 to 40 dollars.

A must need for me is a double sided grill pan. You have the flat griddle great for pancake and breakfast items and then there is the actual grill side great for indoor grilling. If you love grilling but live in a place where it’s not warm enough to grill year round the double-sided grill is a great options. But you do need to double-check the package because some of are not meant for flat glass stove tops. These can run you from 20 dollars and up, depending on if you get cast iron or cast aluminum, and where you buy it. I was fortunate enough to get mine for 15 dollars.

One more inexpensive item that is a must have if you like fresh spices is a coffee grinder. They are cheaper than a spice grinder and do just as great blending up whole spices as spice grinder. But where can you all these appliances? Just about anywhere.